Health Span Alliance Members Participating in Medical Cannabis Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Included at NO COST to Health Span Alliance Members.

1. Learning About Medical Cannabis  РWe provide you all the information to participate in medical cannabis. Each state has its own set of procedures and rules. Your package will include all of these details, support and more. Our simple step-by- step process walks you through with ease.

2. Becoming State Qualified – Each state has certain medical conditions that qualify patients to benefit from and participate in medical-cannabis. Each State requires interaction with a qualified and approved medical professional. We will make sure you are properly connected to both. So, you will be able to benefit in the appropriate way.

3.Connected to the Right Professionals – Once you have worked with your physician and have your appropriate state requirements met, we will connect you to a professional dispensary or pharmacy. These industry professionals understand the procedures and the rules in each. Our program aligns you with a professional network that connects the dots and saves you money.

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