Health Span Alliance: Aging Backwards

Health Span Alliance: Aging Backwards

Health Span Alliance is not just a membership; it’s a commitment to a healthier and more fulfilling life, made accessible through exclusive savings and benefits.

Health Span Alliance Spotlight:

AI Driven Healthy Living

Discover our new science-based Artificial Intelligence, developed by top integrative physicians over the last 20 years using over 50,000 medical research papers.

We merged this technology with reputable lab and supplement partners to give you the information you need to manage and improve your health.

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About Health Span Alliance

The Health Span Alliance was founded in 2018 to assist aligned members in better managing their lifestyles. The Health Span Alliance Membership is made up of thousands of people, from all walks of life.

Today, Health Span Alliance is one of the United States’ fastest growing comprehensive health and wellness program organizers.

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Changing Healthcare With Strong Alliances

Why Health Span Alliance

Health Span Alliance Membership provides health and longevity awareness, educational information, and benefits for our members.

All About Our Members!

Membership Includes

Health Span Alliance Membership includes dozens of programs, products and services provided at no cost to our members. 

All Included in Membership!

Membership Exclusives

Health Span Alliance Membership includes exclusive savings on the purchase of dozens of programs, products and services. 

All Exclusive to Membership!

We're All In This Together

The Health Span Alliance has thousands of members from all walks of life and representing various backgrounds.


Highly-vetted health benefit programs

Exclusive Membership

Becoming a part of the Health Span Alliance Membership not only opens the door to a supportive community but also grants you access to a wealth of exclusive benefits. Among these perks are substantial savings on the purchase of dozens of carefully curated programs, products, and services. From cutting-edge wellness programs to premium health services and products, the Alliance is committed to enhancing your well-being by providing members with privileged access to a diverse array of offerings

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Take Control of Your Health & Wellness and Save Today.

Health Span Alliance Provides Special Access Programs and Services With Exclusive Savings for Membership

  • Highly Vetted, and Best in Category Offerings
  • Special Discounts and Savings Just for Alliance Members
  • Savings, Education and Access
  • No Cost, Just Use and Enjoy
Highly-vetted health benefit programs

Your Membership Has
Two Elements

1. Included Programs, are included in your membership. These quality offerings are ready for you right now, simply take advantage of them immediately.

2. Exclusive Programs, are exclusively made available to you, because you are a member.  We bring valuable programs from best of class providers,  with special pricing, savings, and exclusive offers.

Join Health Span Alliance

Joining the Health Span Alliance is a strategic decision for anyone committed to prioritizing their health and well-being.

As a member, you gain seamless access to exclusive savings and a multitude of member benefits, making the path to a healthier lifestyle both effortless and rewarding. 

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